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Anny Clayre Mason

Works in progress

The Amber Poems
In this mainstream novel with romantic elements, private investigator Artemis (aka Artie) Gauthier agrees to take on the search for priceless Baltic amber figurines of zodiac symbols which were stolen by the Nazis in 1944 from the Christopher family in the former Czechoslovakia. She knows how daunting such an endeavor can be, but she never imagines what a difficult time she’ll have not falling in love with the man who employed her, the handsome and wealthy Hunt Christopher. As they follow the clues written in poetic form by a Nazi officer, the pair is pursued by Neo-Nazis, Russian Mobsters, and the hired gunmen of numerous private antiquities collectors as they travel through Europe all the way to Venice, which incidentally was the last stop on the Amber Road, an ancient trade route used for the transport of amber from the Baltic shores.

Golden Jaguar-A Twist of Fate
This romantic suspense follows Artifacts Recovery and Protection Agency (ARPA) agent/archaeologist, Jessica Weber, her partner handsome ARPA agent Jake Winslow, and their team as they contend with a warrior queen’s spirit, stolen Mayan artifacts and a recently discovered Maya site deep in the jungles of the Yucatan. Danger surrounds them as they pursue members of a smuggling operation. Jessica soon learns a family secret and perceived curse connected to this Mayan ruin. Will the artifacts from the site prove to be a curse to her as well?

Anne Clayre Mason

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