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Anny Clayre Mason

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Anne Clayre MasonMy sun sign is Sagittarius, and the Archer in me loves to travel. Visiting cities like Venice, the setting of my paranormal romantic suspense Renaissance Woman, provides great inspiration for stories. The Gemini influences in my horoscope chart can be “blamed” for my many and varied interests. Besides traveling, books are another passion. My home is filled with them. I love Ancient Civilizations, Anthropology, and of course Astrology. You know the saying, “If I could be eighteen again and know what I know now…” Well, I’d major in Archaeology or Forensic Anthropology. Or maybe I’d become an astrologer. Actually, my mother would never have allowed me do those impractical (her word) things, but I can always dream. The plots of many of my stories highlight those subjects.

While traveling is great fun, there’s no place like home. I was born in Louisiana and still live there. Except for two and a half years in Alabama, I’ve never resided anywhere else. A couple of very spoiled cats and several fish share a home with me. My two married daughters and their families live in nearby communities.

In elementary school, I wrote stories and read them to the class. I wrote a play once and convinced a few classmates to join me in the performance for our fourth grade class. Junior high and high school brought about my acting phase, culminating in the leading role in the senior play Time Out for Ginger, a light comedy about a girl who tried out for the boys’ football team and made it.

For many years my writing took a back seat to life as a single mother trying to support two children. Finally, after joining professional organizations like HeartLa, Romance Writers of America and Sisters-in-Crime, I once again put pen to paper, or rather to the computer while still working a full time job. I did all my writing in the evenings after work to escape the stress. Unfortunately none of the stories I wrote back then sold. However, one of my current works-in-progress, Golden Jaguar-(subtitled)-A Twist of Fate, is a modified version of an earlier manuscript formerly titled Fatal Twists of Fate.


Anne Clayre Mason

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