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Anny Clayre Mason

The Mistletoe Murders (AVAILABLE now!)

The Mistletoe MurdersIt’s almost Christmas, but all is not merry for Oak Pointe, Louisiana homicide detective Caleb Bourque. Someone is killing prostitutes in the town. On each body the killer leaves a calling card—a sprig of mistletoe.

Jamie Chatelaine and her sister Joanna establish a women’s outreach center called Magdalen House to help women like the prostitutes and other women in trouble. The murdered women had frequented their outreach center. After Joanna is killed, Jamie starts receiving phone calls and messages, threatening her life if she doesn’t close Magdalen House.

The case is further complicated for Caleb by suspicions of police corruption and a longtime vendetta another detective has against a wealthy business man.

Caleb is very attracted to Jamie and the feeling is mutual, but he loses trust in her when she conceals important evidence that could prove motive for the main suspect.

Can he unravel this complicated case before the killer makes good on his threat to kill Jamie?

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Cypress Lake Chief of Police Jim Foret is found critically wounded near the place where his father committed suicide and dies later at the hospital. Evidence at the scene indicates his wound is also self-inflicted. Susan Foret believes her husband has been murdered and sets out to prove his death is a homicide.

Her suspect list includes a town official, members of local law enforcement, and a veteran who served with Jim's father in Vietnam. In the past investigating on her own puts her in life or death situations. This time proves to be no different. She has warning shots fired at her on one occasion. In another incident a hit on the head lands her in the hospital. Will she end up being a murder victim herself before the killer is brought to justice?

Learn more about Deadly Bayou.



Susan Foret is again thrust into a murder scene when one of the town’s wealthiest citizens, Teddy Berthelot, is the victim of an elusive killer, stabbed to death as the local Krewe’s parade is ending. He collapses feet away from where Susan stands, a gris-gris bag containing tarot cards and several other fetish items left dangling from the knife in his chest. Although she doesn’t know the victim personally, the murder reopens old wounds inflicted when she discovered her sister-in-law’s body fifteen years prior and the recent solution of that cold case. 

A second murder occurs using the same method and leaves the normally quiet Louisiana parish in a state of shock. Susan tries not to get involved, but the mystery lover in her fuels her curiosity about the case her husband Jim Foret the Cypress Lake Chief of Police is investigating. Jim fears her interest might cause a repeat of the dangerous situation she experienced years ago. 

Mardi Gras Gris-Gris is the sequel to April Fools. Watch the book trailer below!

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A Minoan artifact, contact with an ancient spirit, a case of mistaken identity, plus a strong attraction to sexy photographer Nikolas Tyler, all add up to a thrill a minute for astrology buff Adriane Ducote during her trip to the Greek island of Crete.

Several different factions want the golden labrys, a ceremonial double-headed axe, and will stop at nothing, even murder, to take possession of the artifact which was sold to Adriane by mistake. She gets a little help from a Minoan priestess, but the lovely spirit has her own agenda regarding the labrys.

Although strongly attracted to Adriane, Nikolas believes she is the mysterious relic smuggler his brother’s artifacts recovery agency ARPA is trying to locate. He feels duty bound to stop her and return the labrys, stolen years ago from a Washington DC museum. He soon discovers she’s not the only player in this dangerous game.

Learn more about Golden Labrys and read an excerpt.April Fools



Mystery writer Susan Foret's decision to clear her twin brother of murder creates marital discord with her New Orleans homicide detective husband and leads to threatening phone calls, another murder, and an attack that lands her in the hospital.

Can she solve this real life mystery?

Or will she end up divorced ... or dead?

Learn more about April Fools.


Renaissance Woman (available now!)

Mysterious dreams of a life in Renaissance Italy draw Louisiana antique shop owner Renee Martin to Venice at the start of the city’s famous Carnevale. There, she literally meets the man of her dreams, Patrick Jordan, a handsome art gallery owner from Houston.Renaissance Woman

After she purchases a topaz pendant from a local shop, her life begins to parallel with startling similarities that of Renata Briana, a young sixteenth-century Venetian woman the original owner of the topaz.

Unscrupulous people who are after the valuable topaz chase Renee and Patrick through narrow alleys and twisting canals creating a seemingly endless nightmare. Amid the chaos, their love blooms. However, Renee’s suspicions about a woman in Patrick’s life and her reluctance to get involved with another man after being jilted threatens their relationship.

Will this end their love? Or will the binding thread that stretches over five hundred years tie them together forever?

Learn more about Renaissance Woman.

News & Events

Deadly Bayou received a 4-star review from Eye Review! Learn more.

Book SigninG
Booking in Biloxi
Saturday March 25, 2017
10:00am to 3:00pm
IP Casino Resort
850 Bayview Ave
Biloxi MS

The Mistletoe Murders and Mardi Gras Gris-Gris (the sequel to April Fools) are now available in print and ebook. Learn more.

Golden Labrys, a paranormal romantic suspense, is now available from Whisky Creek Press, Amazon.com, and Barnes and Noble.

Buy a copy of April Fools from Amazon.com, Wings ePress, and other online retailers.

Renaissance Woman is now available in print and ebook from Amazon.com, The Wild Rose Press, BarnesandNoble.com, and other online retailers.

The October 2011 issue of Town Favorites featured an interview with Anne Clayre Mason.

Anne Clayre Mason

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